Italeri 1:72 Napoleonic Dutch-Polish Lancers

  12 mounted hand painted figures

Complete set hand-painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and matt varnish. Acrylic paint will not break off the figure.

If you wish, we can put metal pins in the figures so that you can place them easy in your battlefield.


The red lancers have always been my favorites among the French army. The Red lancers have also been in action at Waterloo, although it was just one of the three regiments. The Red Lancers belonged to the Imperial Guard.  The regiment at Waterloo was composed from Red and Blue lancers. The Blue lancers where Polish soldiers, The Red lancers where Dutch. During the campaign at Waterloo the czapkas where covered with waterproof clothing to protect the ridgely decorated hat. Some Eye witnesses at Waterloo told that they had seen trumpeters of the lancers in their white uniforms with crimson facings and pipings.It is more likely that they wore light blue uniforms.

At the battle General Edouard de Colbert wore his grand uniform with a lot of gold lace, facings and pipings. The General was lightly wounded after Quatre Bras.

Together with the Chasseurs a Cheval, the Red and Blue lancers formed one regiment of about 2000 men and horses.

The regiment had two commanders Colonel du Bois and Baron Jerzmanowski. In the regiment where also Blue lancers who had been with Napoleon on Elba.