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15mm France: 7th Husars Waterloo 1815

2 horsemen, hand painted in acrylic dome  . Autopgraphed by myself with date of painting or your personal message.

Figure position can vary. If you have preferences, please let me know.

Hussars (Hussards): These fast, light cavalrymen were the eyes, ears and egos of Napoleonic armies. They regarded themselves as the best horsemen and swordsmen (beau sabreurs) in the entire Armée. This opinion was not entirely unjustified and their flamboyant uniforms reflected their panache. Tactically, they were used for reconnaissance, skirmishing and screening for the army to keep their commanders informed of enemy movements while denying the foe the same information and to pursue fleeing enemy troops. Armed only with curved sabres and pistols, they had reputations for reckless bravery to the point of being almost suicidal. It was said a Hussar who lived to be 30 was truly old guard and very fortunate. There were 10 regiments in 1804, with an 11th added in 1810 and two more in 1813.