Prince August

At Ease (No.4) Figurines & Accessoires

Complete set for moulding your own figures

Wounded Soldier, doctor and nurse with hat and bench.

painted example

This series of moulds is designed to enable you to create a variety of Napoleonic figures in "off-duty" poses. The 80-series contains civilians as well as military subjects. Also in the mould sets are a variety of accessories such as furniture , bottles, plates, etc which will enable you to create a range of dioramas depicting the Napoleonic soldier at ease rather than at war. The accessories are designed to depict either a scene in an inn or a military encampment or bivouac. The soldiers themselves are wearing the 1805 uniforms though a little adaptation could alter them into soldiers from any part of the Napoleonic era. Similarly, the civilians, which will include men, women and children in various poses can represent people at any period from 1800 to around 1815. This mould set contains a wounded soldier, a doctor and a nurse with a bench. Use other materials instead of the bench to alter the scene, including furniture from 80-21 and 80-22 or a stone or log.