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The Confederate Army

Although I paint very fast, the total 25mm range is to become painted in 2010.

Here you see an example for painted 25mm figures


25mm, General Robert E Lee

25mm, General J E B Stuart

25mm, Officer with field glasses

25mm, Officer advancing

25mm, Standard Bearer

25mm, Private hat standing firing

25mm, Private kepi advancing

25mm, Private hat high porte

25mm, Private hat kneeling firing

25mm, Private kepi firing

25mm, Private hat advancing

25mm, Private kepi high porte

25mm, Private kepi kneeling firing

25mm, Private hat marching

25mm, Private hat loading

25mm, Private falling wounded

25mm, Officer advancing

25mm, Zouave standing firing

25mm, Zouave advancing

25mm, Zouave kneeling firing

25mm, Standard Bearer

25mm, Officer waving kepi

25mm, Gunner with sponge

25mm, Gunner with rope and bucket

25mm, Gunner with case

25mm, Officer charging

25mm, Guidon Bearer

25mm, Bugler

25mm, Trooper charging with sabre

25mm, Trooper firing carbine

25mm, Trooper falling wounded

25mm, Officer shouldered sabre

25mm, Trooper shouldered sabre

25mm, Officer

25mm, Ranger with shotgun

25mm, Ranger with pistol