Waterloo Miniature 2010

One of the things I hated about the 1:72 soldiers was the fact that after one bump to the table lots of soldiers fell down.. So I picked u p an old technic about putting steel pins in the legs of the plastic soldiers. This enabled them to stand firmly in my battle field.




Building a miniature Waterloo was not so easy.  Where do you create it? You need room enough. Although I was painting for about two years know, I had no space. I asked my wife if it was not a good idea to build a part to our house. To be more precise with a basement in it.....(deep in my heart I knew where this was leading to). Two years later everything was finished, I had my basement.


The lanscape I created is about 250cmx300cm. Completely made with paper machee. For paper machee, you use wallpaper clue and strips of paper. On the surface is softboard with carton boxes. Above this all are the paper strips to create hills and slopes.



After drying some days, paint the surface dark with brown, green and black paint. Use artificial grass from model trains for the terrain.  


To create corn fields I used sisal rope



The corn is standing man high


I can hardly wait....


In the back you see the wall painting I made, this gives a lot more depth. Towed cotton wool is used as smoke.


Attack on La Haye Sainte


By using large figures in front of the photo (30mm) it looks like there is a distant between the figures on the background. In reality they are standing a few cm's further.




These figures are 30mm, on the background a picture


Dutch infantry



The large cavalry charge of the French over the hollow road





French artillery



If you want to see more of my Waterloo project, please take a look at the Youtube movie on top of this page