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90mm metal painted Mounted figures


Marshal Ney - 90mm Model soldiers

Marshal Ney ToL90 20
The Retreat from Russia 1812On November 17, Napoleon decided to relieve the pressure on his army by leading his elite guardsmen in a southward attack in the direction of the main body of Russian troops led by Kutusov. Kutusov, not wishing to engage in a general battle with Napoleon, ordered all Russian troops, including those of Miloradovich, to retreat slightly to the south, thus leaving the road clear for the French to continue their retreat. Napoleon capitalized on this success by garnering as many of his forces as possible, and then retreated from Krasnoi unharried by the Russians. The French rearguard, however, led by Marshal Ney, was still too far to the east to be saved, and was abandoned by Napoleon to its fate. On November 18, the Russians again occupied the road, and then completely destroyed Neys corps in a torrid infantry engagement. Ney himself won renown in this encounter because of his refusal to surrender, escaping into the forest with a handful of survivors.

Marshal Jourdan - 90mm Model soldiers

marshal jourdan tol90 21 - 90mm model soldiers
Marshal Jourdan ToL90 21
In 1804 Jourdan was made a marshal of France. He remained in the new kingdom of Italy until 1806, when Joseph Bonaparte, whom his brother made king of Naples in that year, selected Jourdan as his military adviser. He followed Joseph into Spain in 1808; but Josephs throne had to be maintained by the French army, and throughout the Peninsular War the other marshals, who depended directly upon Napoleon, paid little heed either to Joseph or to Jourdan. After his defeat by Wellington at the Battle of Vitoria he held no important command up to the fall of the Empire. Jourdan gave in his adhesion to the restoration government of 1814, and though he rejoined Napoleon in the Hundred Days and commanded a minor army, he submitted to the Bourbons again after Waterloo. He refused, however, to be a member of the court which tried Marshal Ney. He was made a count, a peer of France 1819, and governor of Grenoble 1816.

Kaiser Wilhelm II 1859 - 1941 - 90mm Model soldiers

kaiser wilhelm ii 1859 - 1941 tol90 01 - 90mm model soldiers
Kaiser Wilhelm II 1859 - 1941 ToL90 01
German Emperor Kaiser and King of Prussia from 1888 to the end of World War One in 1918, known for his militaristic manner as well as for his indecisive policies.

Mongol Archer 13th century - 90mm Model soldiers

mongol archer 13th century tol90 02 - 90mm model soldiers
Mongol Archer 13th century ToL90 02
In the 13th century the Mongol army was the best army in the world. Its organization and training, its tactical principles and its structure of command would not have been unfamiliar to a soldier of the twentieth century.

Jean Baptiste Bernadotte - 90mm Model soldiers

jean baptiste bernadotte tol90 03 - 90mm model soldiers
Jean Baptiste Bernadotte ToL90 03
Napoleons Marshal, Swedens King.In 1818, Bernadotte became King Charles XIV of Sweden and, while regarded as a traitor by the French, began a long new royal dynasty that is still in existence today.

French General Staff Officer 1809-1815 - 90mm Model soldiers

french general staff officer 1809-1815 tol90 04 - 90mm model soldiers
French General Staff Officer 1809-1815 ToL90 04

English Civil War 1639-1651 - 90mm Model soldiers

english civil war 1639-1651 tol90 05 - 90mm model soldiers
English Civil War 1639-1651 ToL90 05
The English Civil War brought about significant liberties that we take for granted today. The name is rather misleading as fighting also took place in Scotland and Ireland the military situation in the latter being a contributory cause of the war in the first place. Also, there were three distinct wars rather than just one. At the simplest level the war was caused by a power struggle between the forces of conservatism, represented by the unpopular King, Charles, and those seeking a more modern constitution, headed by members of Parliament.

Polish Winged Hussar 1675 - 90mm Model soldiers

polish winged hussar 1675 tol90 06 - 90mm model soldiers
Polish Winged Hussar 1675 ToL90 06
17th Century Suit of Armour with Helmet and wings. The winged horseman suit was a symbol of Polish sarmatian spirit and utilized the best characteristics of western and oriental armours. Usually recognized by its wings. The armor is heavily decorated with characteristic brass rosettes, medallions, trims and knobs, enriched by a motif of pearl. The wonderful effect of lightness, which was so misleading to the enemy, was achieved by rounded edges of layers of pauldrons and cuirasses, breast and back plates, cuisses and a beautiful helmet inlaid with velvet. It is assumed by historians that the regiments who used this armour took part in the Vienna Victory by King Jan III Sobieski in 1683.

Product 28Frederick the Great 1712-86 - 90mm Model soldiers

frederick the great 1712-86 tol90 07 - 90mm model soldiers
Frederick the Great 1712-86 ToL90 07
In the Seven Years War 1756 -1763, possession of Silesia was again in dispute, Maria Theresa wished to recover it, and Frederick faced a strong coalition including Austria, Russia, and France. England was his only strong ally. Victorious at Rossbach and Leuthen 1757, he was routed 1759 at Kunersdorf by the Austro-Russian forces, who in 1760 occupied Berlin. In that dark period, it is said, Frederick was on the verge of suicide. However, the accession 1762 of his admirer, Peter III of Russia, took Russia out of the war and opened Fredericks way to victory

Cavalry Officer - 90mm Model soldiers

cavalry officer tol90 08 - 90mm model soldiers
Cavalry Officer ToL90 08
English and most European ArmiesFirst half of the 17th Century.

These figures may be used to portray either the Royalist or Parliamentarian Armies of the English Civil War, and also most of the European Armies during the first half of the 17th Century. At this period similar buff coats and armour were worn, other items of clothing being of the normal civilian style.

Cavalry Trooper - 90mm Model soldiers

cavalry trooper tol90 09 - 90mm model soldiers
Cavalry Trooper ToL90 09
During the 17th century the cavalry was only about 30 percent of the total army. A typical soldier in wartime during the 17th century was not really highly paid. His typical wage would be similar to that of an unskilled labourer. The officers of the armies at the time were very well educated. They had studied the classics as well as history, and so a very large portion of their military strategy education was derived from the strategy of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The organization of the armies was actually derived from the organization of the classical armies.

Marshal Lannes - 90mm Model soldiers

marshal lannes tol90 10 - 90mm model soldiers
Uniform of the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Garde 1805

Early years, revolution. Lannes as a volunteer of Gers Battalion, Companies of 1793-1794. Service in East Pyrenees army. The battle for the pass Saint Laurent en Cerdans. Battles at Villongue, Montensque and Ripoll. Resignation from the army due to lack of military education. Lannes as a volunteer of Italian army. Campaign of 1795. Participation in the battle at Loano. Lannes as battalion commander. Campaign of 1796. The battle at Dego. Napoleon shows his benevolence to Lannes. Promotion. The battle at Lodi bridge. Italian rebels actions suppression. Advance of Field Marshal Alvintzi's Austrian army. French counterstrike at Bassano. Lannes saves Bonaparte's life during the battle at Arcole bridge. The battle at Rivoli.

Aide de Camp - 90mm Model soldiers

aide de camp tol90 11 - 90mm model soldiers
To Marshal Poniatowski 1813

La Riboisiere - 90mm Model soldiers

la riboisiere tol90 12 - 90mm model soldiers
Jean Gaston de la Riboisiere was born in Fougeres and studied with Napoleon at the De la Fere artillery school. He played a decisive part in the battles of Austerlitz, Iena, Wagram, Eylau, Dantzig and was buried in the Invalides, in Paris.

General Desvaux de Saint Maurice Colonel - 90mm Model soldiers

general desvaux de saint maurice colonel tol90 13 - 90mm model soldiers
General Desvaux de Saint Maurice Colonel ToL90 13
Commandant Horse Artillery of the Guard 1813

Designed by Jeff Willis

Born: 26 June 1775 Colonel: 29 October 1803 6e Regiment d Artillerie a ChevalColonel: 2 March 1805 1er Regiment d Artillerie a PiedColonel: 16 March 1807 4e Regiment d Artillerie a PiedMajor: 15 July 1809 Regiment d Artillerie a Cheval de la Garde Imperiale Commandant en Chef d Artillerie de la Garde Imperiale: 11 April 1815 General de Brigade: 9 July 1809 General de Division: 6 November 1813 Commander of the Legion d Honneur: 16 May 1813 Baron of the Empire: 30 October 1810 Died: 18 June 1815 killed at Waterloo.

Count Castella General of Brigade 1813-1815 - 90mm Model soldiers

count castella general of brigade 1813-1815  - 90mm model soldiers
Count Castella General of Brigade 1813-1815 ToL90 14
Designed by Jeff Willis

Born: 1 August 1753 General de Brigade: 2 February 1802Commander of the Legion d Honour: 19 November 1812 Died: 9 April 1825

Admiral Joseph Ganteaume - 90mm Model soldiers

admiral joseph ganteaume - 90mm model soldiers
Admiral Joseph Ganteaume ToL90 15
Colonel Commandant Marines of the Garde 1811-1812.

Designed by Jeff Willis

French Cuirassier Officer 1812-1815 - 90mm Model soldiers

french cuirassier officer 1812-1815 m90 01 - 90mm model soldiers
French Cuirassier Officer 1812-1815 M90 01

French Carabinier Officer 1812-1815 - 90mm Model soldiers

french carabinier officer 1812-1815 - 90mm model soldiers
French Carabinier Officer 1812-1815 M90 02

Eugene de Beauharnais - 90mm Model soldiers

eugene de beauharnais m90 03 - 90mm model soldiers
Eugene de Beauharnais M90 03
Colonel General of Chasseurs 1804

French Marshal - 90mm Model soldiers

french marshal m90 04 - 90mm model soldiers
French Marshal M90 04
Colonel General of Guard Cavalry 1812

Baraguey d' Hilliers - 90mm Model soldiers

baraguey d' hilliers tol90 16 - 90mm model soldiers
Baraguey d' Hilliers ToL90 16
Colonel General of Dragoons 1804

Designed by Jeff Willis

Baraguey d Hilliers was appointed Inspector General of infantry and in 1804 he became colonel general of the dragoons. He commanded the reserve cavalry during the campaign of 1805 and distinguished himself at the battle of Elchingen and Austerlitz. In 1808 he again became governor of Venice. During the campaign of 1809 he served under the Viceroy Eugene de Beauharnais and distinguished himself at Raab. He then served for some time as governor of Tirol with orders to pacify the region. In 1810 he was sent to Spain where he served in Catalonia. Recalled from Spain, he served in the Russian campaign of 1812. During the retreat from Moscow, Baraguey d Hilliers and his division had to surrender on November 9 to the Russians, for which he fell in disgrace with the emperor. He died in January in Berlin.

Louis Bonaparte - 90mm Model soldiers

louis bonaparte tol90 17 - 90mm model soldiers
Louis Bonaparte ToL90 17
King of Holland 1806-1810

Designed by Jeff Willis

The Kingdom of Holland 1806 - 1810 Dutch Koninkrijk Holland, French Royaume de Hollande was set up by Napoleon Bonaparte as a puppet kingdom for his third brother, Louis Bonaparte, in order to better control the Netherlands. The name of the leading province, Holland, was now taken for the whole country. In 1807 Prussian East Frisia and Prussian Jever was added to the kingdom but in 1809, after an English Invasion, Holland had to give over all territories south of the river Rhine to France. King Louis did not perform to Napoleons expectations he tried to serve Dutch interests instead of his brothers and the kingdom was dissolved in 1810 after which the Netherlands were annexed by France until 1813. The kingdom of Holland covered the area of present day Netherlands, with the exception of Limburg, and parts of Zeeland, which were French territory. East Frisia in present day Germany was also part of the Kingdom.

General Dorsenne - 90mm Model soldiers

admiral joseph ganteaume - 90mm model soldiers
General Dorsenne ToL90 18
Jean Marie Pierre Francois Lepaige
Colonel Commandant Imperial Garde Grenadiers 1810

Designed by Jeff Willis

Born 30 April 1773 Chef de Brigade 23 May 1800 61e demi-brigade dInfanterie de Ligne Major 3 March 1805 1er Regiment de Grenadiers a Pied de la Garde Imperiale Colonel Major 18 October 1805 1er Regiment de Grenadiers a Pied de la Garde Imperiale Colonel 20 January 1808 Grenadiers a Pied de la Garde Imperiale General de Brigade: 25 December 1805 General de Division 5 June 1809 Grand Officer of the Legion dHonneur: 30 June 1811 Count of the Empire: 10 March 1808 Died: 24 July 1812

Emmanuel marquis de Grouchy - 90mm Model soldiers

emmanuel marquis de grouchy tol90 19 - 90mm model soldiers
Emmanuel marquis de Grouchy ToL90 19
Colonel General of Chasseurs 1813-1814

Designed by Jeff Willis

In 1812 he was made commander of one of the four cavalry corps of the Grand Armee, fought at Smolensk and Borodino and during the retreat from Moscow Napoleon appointed him to command the escort squadron, which was composed entirely of picked officers. His almost continuous service with the cavalry led Napoleon to decline in 1813 to place Grouchy at the head of an army corps, and Grouchy thereupon retired to France. In 1814, however, he hastened to take part in the defensive campaign in France, and he was severely wounded at Craonne. At the Restoration he was deprived of the post of colonel general of chasseurs a cheval and retired.