Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


Isis - 110mm Model soldiers

isis - 110mm model soldiers
Wife of Osiris and mother of Horus. Orignally a modest divinity of the Nile delta, she became a popular goddess throughout Egypt and was worshipped at many temples well into Christian times. Her head-dress is a sun disk set between cows hornes, and the wings signify her role as protectress of the dead.

Osirus - 110mm Model soldiers

osirus  - 110mm model soldiers
Husband and brother of Isis. At first a nature god embodying the spirit of vegetarian that dies and is reborn when the seed sprouts. He was later worshipped as the god of the dead who offered the prospect of resurrection and rebirth to his followers.

Hathor - 110mm Model soldiers

hathor - 110mm model soldiers
A sky goddess associated with the great celestial cow who created the world and all that it contains. Her horned head-dress represents the sacred animal. She is protectress of women and enjoyed immense popularity as the goddess of joy and love.

Sekhmet E4 - 110mm Model soldiers

sekhmet - 110mm model soldiers
Lioness headed goddess of war. Her name means the Powerful and she was charged with protecting Egypt from invasion and rebellion. In more peaceful times, however, her qualities of inspiration and healing were highly regarded, earning for her the title of Great Mother.

Thoth - 110mm Model soldiers

thoth  - 110mm model soldiers
Ibis headed lunar divinity who was the measurer of the time and the keeper of the archives. He possessed complete knowledge and wisdom and became the patron of Science and Literature. He is here represented in an attitude of adoration, holding the symbol of life (ankh) flanked by two sceptres (was).

Anubis - 110mm Model soldiers

anubis  - 110mm model soldiers
Jackal headed god who protected the body of Osiris from corruption and thereafter presided at all funeral rites. The dead soul is guided by Anubis through the underworld to the place of judgement where his heart is weighed against a feather.

Nephthys - 110mm Model soldiers

nephthys  - 110mm model soldiers
In origin a goddess of the dead. She represent the deserts edge an area that is mostly arid, but is fertile when the Nile floods. She is often seen on sarcophagi with outstretched winged arms in a gesture of protection. Her head-dress is a combination of two hiero-glyphs: a basket (neb) placed on a sign for palace (het), meaning Mistress of the Palace.

Sobek - 110mm Model soldiers

Admired and feared for his ferocity. At the command of Ra, He performed tasks such as catching with a net the four sons of Horus as they emerged from the waters in a lotus bloom. Sometimes identified with Seth when Seth took the form of a crocodile. It is said that in the Osiris legends, Horus takes the form of a crocodile in order to retrieve the parts of Osiris's body that were cast into the Nile by Seth.